Objective of the lecture

  The objective of this course is to introduce basic concepts and computational methodologies in socio-economic sciences which are developing in the current frontiers of research on computational intelligence and systems science in conjunction with their application examples. Topics are chosen from agent-based modeling, game theory, computational intelligence, artificial markets and etc.

Plan of the lecture

Group 1
Session 1 (09/Oct./2012): "Situated Intelligence Training" by Visiting Prof. YOSHIKAWA, Atsushi
Session 2 (15/Oct./2012): "Multi-Agent Learning" by Visiting Prof. NODA, Itsuki
Session 3 (22/Oct./2012): "Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling for Social Systems" by Prof. TERANO, Takao
Session 4 (29/Oct./2012): "Experiment and Behavioral Game Theory" by Dr. YAMADA, Takashi
Session 5 (05/Nov./2012): (day for report writing)
Group 2
Session 6 (12/Nov./2012): "Agent Based Modeling: From Mathematical to Simulation Modeling" by Prof. DEGUCHI, Hiroshi
Session 7 (19/Nov./2012): "Human and Agent Based Simulation and Gaming: Hybrid Simulation and Gaming" by Dr. ICHIKAWA, Manabu
Session 8 (26/Nov./2012): "Risk Assessment of Biological Agent by Using Agent-based Modeling" by Visiting Prof. KANATANI, Yasuhiro
Session 9 (03/Dec./2012): "Technology for Large Scale Agent-based Simulation" by Visiting Prof. YAMAMOTO, Gaku
Session 10 (10/Dec./2012): (day for report writing)
Group 3
Session 11 (17/Dec./2012): "An Introduction to Artificial Markets" by Prof. ONO, Isao
(Note: in G5 Building, Room G5-103 in this session)
Session 12 (07/Jan./2013): "CI and Its Application to Scheduling" by Prof. HIROTA, Kaoru
Session 13 (17/Jan./2013): "Statistical Physics Approaches to Socio-economic Sciences" by Prof. TAKAYASU, Misako
Session 14 (21/Jan./2013): (day for report writing)
Session 15 (28/Jan./2013): (occasional date)

For credit

  After every four (or three) lectures, writing a short report is required in the lecture time. Submission of the reports is necessary for earning credit.